Thursday, August 16, 2012

Being Crazy in Love.. LITERALLY!

Falling in love can be wonderful!
The birds are tjirping, the sky is bluer than ever...
Butterflies in your stomach and drawing hearts on every piece of paper you may find...
You feel on top of the world, wishing that this feeling lasts forever!
You might even feel a little... Crazy.

What are the physical reactions when falling in love? Love explained.

A faster blood flow, 
Natural blush, 
Heart rate goes up,
Glow of happiness and sexappeal, 
Hormonal changes,
Compare it to a state of mental illness,
Like a drug.. addictive, obsessive
Emotional pressure
Dopamine is said to be the principle chemical involved in giving us strong urges like sexual attraction over time. Romantic love is not just an emotion--but rather, a whole motivational system with a reward drive to get you to stick with that person. While this is going on, we have a decrease in serotonin, which if elevated, leads to feelings of obsession or something like an addiction...

The things it will make you do
Being in love can make you act crazy, or do things out of your comfort zone to either impress the opposite sex or to try to make them happy.
It can make you stand in the rain with your freshly blow dried relaxed hair, as a black woman, like Nina in the movie Love Jones..
It can make make you forget about everything else, because all your thoughts are with your love. It can make you put a tattoo of your boo's name or talk on the phone for hours without caring for the bill..
These were some 'cute' examples of being crazy in love..

But love can also make you do extreme things.
It can bring things to the surface you never knew you had..
Or make you do stuff you never thought you would ever do..
Take Romeo and Juliet for instance, they literally died for the cause of their love. Their love conquered all the nay-sayers and critics, going against the ones they truely loved, their families...

Being in love, is comparent to being on drugs (this is pshycological proven), you become an addict to the 'lovehigh' of being with that person.

When your heart gets broken, you will feel tremendous emotional pain and suffering.
This can happen through deathdivorcebreakup, physical separation, betrayal, or romantic rejection.
Especially people who are very possesive, sensitive or jealous can snap dangerously after a broken heart.

The love they have for a person can go so deep for various reasons, that they lose touch of reality.

The difference between a psycho and a P.S.Y.C.H.O

I know that Chris Rock said: "If you haven't contemplated killing someone, you ain't been in love!" in a lot of ways that is so true. But hence the word: CONTEMPLATE.

When the term 'psycho' is used with people in the connection of love, it's actually nothing more than a person that doesn't know how to deal with their emotions.
They took falling in love too far from the beginning, resulting in an unhealthy imbalance in the brain.
They will probably go beyond normal length to either hurt the one that hurt them after a breakup, or force their love and affection one someone because they can't let go.
They can't help it, and thats kind of sad in a way.. 
These are the type of phycho's that will eventually get over the hurt after they portrayed their anger and disappointment a couple of times.

Unfortunately more and more people take EXTREME measures when it comes to love or heartbreak.
I made a top 5 of stories that will give you an example of Dangerous Love in Mega Psycho form..

 May 24, 2012
A Tacony, Philadelphia woman has been charged with two counts of murder after she killed her 18-month-old twins, Adam and Eve, in an angry rage over her husband’s alleged affair with one of her family members.

November 12, 2009
A ZIMBABWEAN man was fighting for his life this week after being scalded with hot cooking oil by his girlfriend in Luton, England.
Friends of the couple said trouble started late on Sunday when Chitamba came home and told Chikanya that he wanted to end the relationship because of her alleged infidelity.

April 20 2012 (Nigeria)
A washerman, Henry Nnamdi, has allegedly killed his one-year-old son, Chukwuebuka, in order to spite his wife, whom he accused of having an extra-marital affair.

PUNCH Metro learnt that Henry also used a hot pressing iron to burn his wife, Mercy, and stabbed her repeatedly in order to force her to confess to the allegation.

So how do you prevent such endings?

Be clear in your expectations of that person, and make sure you can meet theirs.

Be honest, don't cheat or lie if you know it is going to devastate the other.

Make sure you are dealing with a sane person, do some research with her/his closest friends/family.
Google the person before getting involved.

When deciding to end the relationship, try to make it as much of a mutal decision as possible.

Always treat eachother with respect, even after a nasty divorce or breakup.

Never neglect the little flags at the beginning.
Listen to your intuition. 

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